Good Read June 17 2015

Okay, starting today I hope to archive some of the good reads I found around the paper. Mostly these will be social media (cos I’m in PR in Vietnam, we need to catch up with the world real soon!).

1. Twitter could be so much more than just a Facebook rival – Jemima Kiss, Guardian.

Yes. We don’t go to twitter to catching up with friends. Do it on Facebook. Twitter is more of real time interaction and instant conversation around what is happening. Personally I don’t mind much about the ad in Twitter, they’re not as overwhelming and annoying as those on Facebook.

2. Face Recognition Technology: Has Minority Report-Style Face ID Arrived? – Sarah Snow, Social Media Today

Minority Report? Coooooooooool! Wait? Transparency? Not cool, not cool. Transparency, all things bright and beautiful?

3. How Social Media Impacts Customer Experience (and Vice Versa!) – MJ Wesner, Social Media Today

This is actually a reference for myself lol. Might comment later.


The Real Privacy Implications of Google Glass


Over the last few weeks, Google has steadily been building hype around Google Glass. The search giant revealed tech specs, explained how the software works, and has even let some of the tech press get their hands on the “Explorer Edition” of the device, an early version that costs a cool $1,500.

One thing Google hasn’t done is talk about the privacy implications of Glass, which has a built-in camera that can sneakily take photos and video at any time. It seems the company would rather let the debate play out on its own.

I think this is a mistake on Google’s part, but I also think much of the fearful prognosticating over Google Glass is misplaced. The real concern with Google Glass and privacy doesn’t have to do with surveillance or collection of personal data, but with the way it will make us behave in the real…

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[FINAL Assignment] The evolution of the publishing industry

ARTS2090: Publics & Publishing in transition

FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Essay-in-lieu-of-examination

Student name: Quynh Khanh Bui

Student ID: z3354916

Tutorial group: Wednesday 9 a.m.

Tutor: Margaret Borschke

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