Good Read June 17 2015

Okay, starting today I hope to archive some of the good reads I found around the paper. Mostly these will be social media (cos I’m in PR in Vietnam, we need to catch up with the world real soon!).

1. Twitter could be so much more than just a Facebook rival – Jemima Kiss, Guardian.

Yes. We don’t go to twitter to catching up with friends. Do it on Facebook. Twitter is more of real time interaction and instant conversation around what is happening. Personally I don’t mind much about the ad in Twitter, they’re not as overwhelming and annoying as those on Facebook.

2. Face Recognition Technology: Has Minority Report-Style Face ID Arrived? – Sarah Snow, Social Media Today

Minority Report? Coooooooooool! Wait? Transparency? Not cool, not cool. Transparency, all things bright and beautiful?

3. How Social Media Impacts Customer Experience (and Vice Versa!) – MJ Wesner, Social Media Today

This is actually a reference for myself lol. Might comment later.


[Miscellaneous] The annoyance of having and not having Photoshop in life – The confession of a Photoshop-philia 2

The annoyance of having and not having Photoshop in life

– The confession of a Photoshop-philia

2. Photoshop, you are the best thing that ever happened in my life! Wait… You are also the worst!

So, I decided to have a little chat with my friend, who has been having a ‘long-term relationship’ with Photoshop and she knows exactly what she is doing with the software. Looking/Stalking her works is always a pleasurable experience. I absolutely fell in love with the way she uses images to express herself. For that I credit Photoshop to be the best thing that ever happened in my life. I know a little about how to use the program but I never really put serious effort into it; therefore, looking at the works created by it and understanding them create an extraordinary feeling about how you can use technology to make your mark in this world. If I use Photoshop just to retouch my photos and mess around with its tools to see what it can do, she uses it to make a ‘voice’.

Created by Yoshihiro
(Source: Shared by the author)

The ways artworks contain so much information and they can say too much, you can read too much from them make me excited. There is no word to describe the overwhelmed feeling when thoughts just flowing in your head when you look at one image and you don’t really know what to say because you have so many things to say and you don’t even know where to start. That is what I find amazing in images. I always wonder how can my friend, and other people that use Photoshop, know what to do with that amount of information and put that into one single image. Such technology brings beautiful things to my life, how can I not fall in love with it? How can I live without it, I once asked myself, when I still enjoyed playing around with images.


I should have never ever registered a Facebook account! Facebook is not the one to blame but it is the platform I use the most to interact with people (so it take a hit, unintentionally). Then news feed turns my relationship with Photoshop into a love-hate one. People start to use the software to make worse images more than ever, especially in some Vietnamese community pages on Facebook, as I observe. Not only do they overuse Photoshop, but they also destroy the beauty of the language (the words they describe or put in a image) simultaneously. In comparison with the typography above, below is the image that also use text. Even though it looks smart when you see it in thumbnail, but when you click to view the bigger version, all you can see is they instruct you where to… forgive my language (I translate it the way it should sound), pee (sigh…). It could have some educational purpose if all of the answer lead to a toilet, but hell no (apologise for choice of word, again), they encourage you to do it almost everywhere in the public, which really gets on my nerves. Two images, both contain information, one teaches me a lesson, one annoys me, are both the products of Photoshop. How can I keep loving the program when it helps people to ruin the value of right things in life?

Where should you go to pee?
Source: Facebook

There are also images that were edited to gain view by using explicit material like sex or nudity, which create nothing but cheap and dirty jokes, which my brain literally cannot absorb. There is also a trend of making meme faces. At first, it was good. People actually made some good points by using memes, but when it became so popular, it starts to get bored. And people, once again, using cheap ways, cheap language, cheap tricks to get attention. It is not too much to say Photoshop, you are hurting my eyes, insulting my brain and turning my experiences with Facebook into miserable ones!

This is a dilemma! I want Photoshop, yet I hate it! Guess I just can’t help it these days!


Nguyệt Hạ

[Miscellaneous] The annoyance of having and not having Photoshop in life – The confession of a Photoshop-philia

The annoyance of having and not having Photoshop in life

– The confession of a Photoshop-philia

1. The adventure of images on Facebook News Feed – a twist in a fairytale.

Ha-ha, the title might sound a little bit cheesy but yeah, bare with me on that, it’s my hobby to put ‘exaggerating’ titles in my posts, stories, etc.

Facebook is killing me with massive of photos on my News Feed these days. To be honest, some of them are good and authentic photos, which are fine with me. I enjoy looking at others’ photos, especially those that had been photoshoped. It is always fun when you look at an image and try to figure out what had been done with it. I have a tendency to add, you can call it ‘subscribe’ like Facebook does but I personally prefer the term ‘stalk’, people that share their photos. All of the people on MY stalk list always share beautiful images and they bring me ease and happiness just by looking at them. They are art. The combinations of colors, textures and typography, however, are not that professional, you can still see the beauty within.

Image created by Danny St. Louis
(Source: Facebook)

But then, when heaps of people started to use Facebook, I ended up accidentally stalking the ugly, horribly, annoying photos that come out from NOWHERE and pop up and pop up and pop up on my News Feed endlessly and I personally see it as an insult to Adobe Photoshop (I just don’t want to get to the designing part, which is a real pain in the you-know-what). I remembered I once wore a poker face and thought: ‘Where the hell did that come from?’. Well, it’s my personal mistake that I chose to like some totally random community pages. Their innocent purposes about sharing information about almost everything that is happening got lost in the noises of the overwhelmed data flowing across Facebook. Then the thrust of attention and recognition turned their updated news into cheap ways of getting views, likes, comments and shares. As I mentioned before, the combination of texts and the ‘content’ of the images are what make them beautiful, they take advantage of the combination to get attention. Sometimes the texts on the images, as well as in the description box are not linked together. This resulted in looking at the images and wondering what the content is then all you can get is a bunch of useless information that completely unrelated to the images. The image below does not touch the Photoshop part just yet, but it is a start of the down run of how people generate content these days.

The post is about matching names, and they used two woman images?!
Where is the sense?!

How annoyed it can be? I can, of course, click unlike a remove all the feeds but the curiosity about how ridiculous they could be in the future keeps them on my feeds. I chose to be annoyed by some people I don’t know just to see how funny things could turn out in the future, am I the one who loses benefits? I don’t think so. Instead of gaining beauty satisfaction, I gain sarcastically amusement instead, which honestly is quite enjoyable.

/to be continued with part 2. Photoshop, what have you done? Should I blame you?/


Nguyệt Hạ