[MARK2055] SupaBarn & Grandma’s Little Baker Proposal, Group Project

SupaBarn & Grandma’s Little Baker Proposal, Group Project

Subject: MARK2055, UNSW

Team Members: 

Quynh Khanh Bui, Tiffany Cho, Joe Ranallo, Stephanie Chung, Rachel Miri Kim, Derek Chui & Kenrick Choi

Project description:

With the objectives of finding the perfect partner for Grandma’s Little Bakery, a small, Australian based business that locates in Alexandria, our team had developed a business proposal towards SupaBarn, also a local business. Sharing many similarities from products, customer base to community involvement and shared values, our team believe this partnership will bring benefits to both parties in terms of profits, sales, as well as customer loyalty.


Infographic about the compatibility between GLB & SB Made by me.

Infographic about the compatibility between GLB & SB
Made by me.


MDIA2005, remember to revise the ordinal reading ARTS1090 & semiotics aspect of the asgm

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This text, Signs and Meaning, written by Tony Schirato and Susan Yell explores the relationship between sign and meaning. This text focuses on the theories of Ferdinand de Saussure who “made a revolutionary contribution to the study of sign and meaning”. It is argued in this text that meaning is not “identified” they are recognized by “signs” – an ideological process where signs are read. Meaning is “dependent on context” and cultural factors which in turn determine what meaning should be associated to a particular group or individuals. Meaning is also dependent on signs which inturn construct meaning. By this meaning can be “negotiated, disagreed to or conflicted”. The main concept in this text is that meaning is relational and produced and thus is translated into different meanings.

The notion that “meaning is relational” states that meaning has a natural relation or “attachment” to words. The theory of meaning is known as…

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