[Week 5 Tut Preparation] You’ve caught the archive fever, dear!

You’ve caught archive fever, dear!

Have you ever been in the state that you cannot stop checking your Email, Facebook or Twitter? Why do smartphones need ‘Push Notifications’ function at all? No matter how many questions are asked, the answer is the same: ‘You’ve caught archive fever, dear!’

Let’s start with archive. It is the storage of information of all kind, from physical to digital. People keep on building up their personal as well as public archive without acknowledging it. Similar to its content, archive exists in many forms. It can be notes, photo albums, CDs collection. It also can be emails, data in ‘clouds’. Basically archive is everything of remembering as Ogle argues in his blog. But have we, really, got the best of archive? He continues to state in his blog that people pay to much attention to currency and temporarily forget about what old stuff can do. But if we continuously look at old stuff and nonstoppingly adding up data, archive can be dangerous.

It is a fever.

So, what is archive fever?

Archive fever is the fever to constantly make more archives (and therefore a constantly changing culture), take more pictures, store and use them differently, invent new technologies for archiving…*

People just cannot stop creating things as much as they cannot stop keeping up with their friends in life, or on social networks, as we mostly do today. Even Facebook itself has caught the fever by introducing timeline to users, which allow us to access and trace back every single action that we do on the website. And users can even put milestones on their own timelines indicating ‘this happens when’ anytime they want, even before the time they actually registered and actived their pages. The desire to control everything may take people to a such complex place that people start to run away from it, while not long ago they was fancinated about it. Taking privacy as an example, imagine the connection between your own private archive and publich archive that enables the world to know everything about you. Facebook won’t stop synchronising your personal stuff online unless you order them to. With such amount of your own archives, can you control all of them?

* Definition taken from the course outline.

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